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Unleashing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) through Event Marketing and Digital Strategies

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December 11, 2023

In the competitive world of business, standing out from the crowd is essential for success. This is where the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) comes into play, defining what makes a business special and why customers should choose it over competitors. In this article, we will explore the powerful synergy between event marketing, digital strategies, and social media in amplifying a business's USP. Our focus will be on a local restaurant that has creatively leveraged two key events to showcase its USP, employing digital marketing techniques for even greater impact.

Understanding the Power of USP

A Unique Selling Proposition is the distinctive factor that sets a business apart from its competitors. For example, it can be a defining product feature, an amazing business story, or the quality materials used, price point, or service on offer. It is a cliché, but it is the “secret sauce” that makes customers choose one brand over another. For a local restaurant, this could be the incredible Chef, signature dishes, family recipes, or even exceptional customer service.

Marketing your USP effectively is essential for creating brand identity and attracting a loyal customer base.

To highlight USPs in action, we are focusing on our clients, Barbatella Naples, a Southwest Florida-based Italian restaurant and wine bar with a fantastic location and amenities.

According to their website, their USP is:

Barbatella in Old Naples: a spirited Italian trattoria embodying the growth of a grapevine – a barbatella. Authentic and original, our menu explores diverse Italian regions with fresh interpretations. Elevate your dining experience at Barbatella, where authenticity, originality, and Mediterranean allure converge in every bite.

The focus is on their premium location in the heart of Old Naples, just minutes away from world-renowned beaches visited by thousands of tourists annually, and their Italian heritage, and culinary interpretations, and ever-evolving menus.  

With their identity and USP clear to them, this is now amplified via two key ingredients.

The Role of Events in USP Marketing

Events provide an excellent platform for businesses to bring their USP to life. They allow direct interaction with customers, creating memorable experiences that resonate. Our case study of Naples restaurant, Barbatella, has successfully incorporated two key events into its marketing strategy to highlight its USP.

Opera Night at Barbatella: The restaurant hosts a monthly dining experience that welcomes renowned Opera Singers and Directors, alongside guests who indulge in a four-course menu. In addition to the fantastic live Opera, the team focuses on coupling its chef's culinary prowess with its extensive wine offering, all while being hosted on the courtyard of its prime location. This event emphasises the restaurant's Italian heritage and commitment to offering unique experiences and dishes.

Digital Marketing Integration:

To maximize the impact of Opera Night, the restaurant utilises digital marketing channels. Email lists are curated well in advance, allowing targeted and personalised invitations to be sent out. This not only generates buzz but also ensures that the right audience is present to appreciate the restaurant's USP.

Social Media Event Recaps:

The restaurant leverages social media platforms to share captivating event action and recaps. This includes highlights of the singers, dishes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and customer testimonials. Such content not only extends the event's reach but also reinforces the USP in the minds of potential customers.

100 Layer Lasagna: Capitalising on one their menu’s favourite options, the Lasagana, Barbatella and Chef Jason Goddard, create a special pre-order only, unique dining experience the 100 Layer Lasagna. Most people will know the standard Lasagna having a minimum of three layers. However, Barbatella marks special occasions with their signature 100 Layer Lasagna and creates something exceptional and unique for customers. The 1-foot-tall Lasagna is cut to order and has become a guaranteed sell-out for the business.

Digital Marketing Synergy:

In the lead-up to the event, the restaurant employs digital marketing strategies to build anticipation. This includes teaser campaigns on social media platforms, engaging content about past editions, and the process of creation.

Email Marketing:

Recognising the opportunity to convert “100 Layer Lasagna attendees” into loyal customers, the restaurant also introduces the sale of gift vouchers during certain periods. By curating email lists from event registrations, the restaurant sends targeted promotional emails, offering exclusive discounts on gift vouchers purchased at the event. This not only drives immediate sales but also establishes a connection with attendees, who may become repeat customers.


In conclusion, marketing your Unique Selling Proposition through events, supported by digital strategies and social media, can be a game-changer for businesses. The case study of our local restaurant illustrates how carefully planned events can provide a tangible platform for customers to experience and understand the USP. Combining these events with digital marketing techniques, such as email list curation and social media recaps, amplifies the impact and ensures a lasting impression on the target audience. As businesses continue to navigate the competitive landscape, integrating event marketing with digital strategies is an innovative approach that can set them on the path to sustained success.

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