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The Social Media Battle and Instagram's 2024 Improvements

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April 15, 2024

As 2024 unfolds, Instagram emerges as a front-runner in the social media evolution, setting new standards for user experience and business engagement. In the midst of a fierce competition for user loyalty, Instagram, guided by their Chief, Adam Mosseri, has introduced pivotal updates that not only enhance personal connectivity but also offer businesses innovative tools to thrive.

This blog post zooms in on these strategic updates, shedding light on their significance for businesses and the fresh opportunities they present for users and marketers in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Join us as we explore the key features that make 2024 an exceptional year for Instagram's product innovation, and how to leverage these developments for maximum impact.

Instagram Notes as "Status" - Elevating Interaction

Instagram's Notes feature is receiving a substantial upgrade this year. Initially accessible only through the inbox, Notes will transform into "Statuses," which can be viewed directly on user profiles for 24 hours. This strategic placement boosts their visibility, encouraging more frequent and meaningful interactions. The feature will support brief text-only (+music) updates visible solely to mutual followers, fostering a sense of privacy and exclusivity. The introduction of reply functionality and interactive prompts further enrich this feature, transforming casual communication among users on the platform.

Cutouts - Unleashing Creativity

The new "Cutouts" feature stands out as a particularly innovative tool. It allows users to create custom stickers from any part of their photos, akin to creating a digital scrapbook. Users can now animate their stories and reels with personalised stickers, not just from their photos but also from public posts, adding a layer of interaction and personalisation previously unexploited. This feature is a testament to Instagram’s commitment to providing users with tools that spur creative freedom and personal expression.

Hashtags - Refining Discovery with Search Overhauls

Instagram has redefined the utility of hashtags in 2024. By redirecting users from a hashtag to a comprehensive search results page, Instagram has broadened the discovery process. This shift from viewing only the "Top Posts" to accessing a wider array of related content allows users to explore and connect with a more diverse set of posts and profiles, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction with the platform's search functionality.

Promocodes - Direct Promos

Instagram's introduction of promotional codes directly within ads marks a significant evolution in its advertising capabilities. This feature not only streamlines the shopping experience but also empowers marketers to offer direct discounts, which can enhance conversion rates and customer satisfaction. The seamless integration of promotional codes ensures that users receive the best deals effortlessly, reinforcing Instagram’s role as a key player in social media marketing.

Carousels - Expanding Storytelling

The test expansion of carousel posts to include up to 20 images presents new opportunities for storytelling and content marketing. This allows brands and creators to showcase detailed narratives or product lines without the constraints of previous limits. Such an expansion is particularly beneficial for sectors like fashion and retail, where visual appeal drives consumer engagement.

Reels – Extended Possibilities

The extension of Reels to three minutes allows creators more time to engage with their audience, providing a platform for more detailed and immersive content. This change is designed to keep pace with competitors like TikTok and YouTube, offering users a more versatile video experience that can accommodate everything from quick clips to more elaborate productions. Although not yet fully launched this will be a big plus for creators and brands to also introduce sponsored content easier.

DM’s - Advancing Communication

Instagram has significantly enhanced its messaging system by introducing features such as message editing, chat pinning, and customisable read receipts. These tools not only improve the functionality of direct messaging but also give users more control over their privacy and how they manage communications. The ability to edit messages, in particular, reduces misunderstandings and fosters clearer communication. One huge release pending is also the ability to send files, but great news that it’s in the works.

Notify Sticker - Supporting Creators

The Notify sticker is a great addition that aids creators in maintaining audience engagement. By enabling reminders for new posts, creators can ensure higher visibility for their content, addressing the common issue of content being lost in crowded feeds. This feature illustrates Instagram’s ongoing commitment to supporting creators' needs and enhancing audience retention and should be used by everybody.


Under the leadership of Adam Mosseri, Instagram's 2024 updates showcase a strategic vision that is deeply focused on enhancing user engagement, fostering creative expression, and streamlining functionality.

Each update has been crafted not just to elevate the user experience but also to harmonise with the broader trends in digital interaction. For those looking to refine their Instagram strategy and harness the full potential of these updates, B3 Marketing is here for you as your go-to partner. We are here to create, innovate, and help you navigate the ever-changing digital waters with bespoke solutions that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand's presence on Instagram.

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