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Marketing Wins in the New Year: A Guide to Customer Personas

Published on
February 26, 2024


Gear up for a fantastic 2024 for your business with strategic resolutions. Embracing AI, maintaining consistent activity, and integrating digital with offline marketing are already on the checklist. We won’t bore you with doubling down on social video content, and our approach at B3 Marketing this year is all about delivering precise answers with each blog post. So, are you wondering what will guarantee marketing wins in the new year? Our guide to customer personas is here to help. The key questions we will cover are:

What is a customer persona?

What is the importance of customer personas?

How do you create an effective customer persona?

How do you use customer personas to improve your marketing?

Get ready to elevate your marketing game with insights that make a difference.

What is a customer persona?

A customer persona, also known as a buyer or marketing persona, serves as a sketch of the ideal customer, created from real data and market research. This semi-fictional representation includes key demographic details such as age, gender, and income level, but also goes beyond these and delves into the interests, motivations, behaviours, and preferences of a business’s target audience.

The goal is to humanise your target audience, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategies to better connect with and meet the needs of specific customer segments.

What is the importance of customer personas?

Customer personas are a powerful way to help lead a business’s marketing decisions. It touches all areas of marketing, product development, and customer service. Personas are really used to tailor messaging, customer journeys, service experiences, and product features to satisfy customer expectations and preferences.

Your ROI on marketing activities increases with the utilisation of customer personas, playing to customer motivations, and addressing pain points in their purchase decision-making process. The impact is also felt beyond more effectiveness and contributes to a more personalised and satisfying overall customer experience, acknowledging and catering to their unique wants and needs.

How do you create an effective customer persona?

Creating an effective customer persona involves a lot of data! A requirement will be a thorough research and analysis process involving all areas of the business as well as customer input.

You can begin by simply collecting demographic data and then digging deeper into psychographic information, such as interests, values, and behaviours. Conducting surveys and analysing customer feedback will also help gain true qualitative insights. Consolidate all internal and external information provided to form distinct customer segments.

What follows is the definition of each persona, assigning a real name or face to it, and making it relatable and memorable. However, this isn’t just a one-time process and requires regularly updating personas to keep them aligned with evolving market trends and customer preferences.

How do you use customer personas to improve your marketing?

Theory is all good and well, but let’s share an example of how to use customer personas.

With New Year’s resolutions coming around, the health and fitness hype will set in. However, as a hypothetical business in the fitness world, understanding the potential customer personas is crucial for tailoring marketing efforts effectively. Two possible personas are the current gym-goer “Mike or Mary” looking to take their training to the next level, and “Sally or Steve” heading towards their 60s, wanting to get back into exercise in the hopes of helping with their back pains.

By understanding both persona types motivation and exercise level, the business can tailor its marketing approach accordingly. For the gym-goers, promotions could focus on high-performance equipment and exclusive body analysis. Meanwhile, for our re-entrants to fitness, marketing might emphasise the health benefits and personal trainer guidance a business provides. This personalised approach not only attracts the attention of each persona but also enhances the likelihood of conversion by addressing their specific needs and preferences. In this way, leveraging customer personas enables businesses to create targeted, impactful marketing strategies that resonate with their diverse audience segments.


As we usher in 2024, B3 Marketing invites you to revise your business strategy with the power of customer personas. Customer personas are the linchpin, guiding marketing decisions across all facets of your business. By understanding your audience on a personal level, you can tailor messaging, service experiences, and product features to elevate customer satisfaction. At B3 Marketing, we specialise in crafting marketing campaigns that incorporate effective customer personas, ensuring your marketing not only captures attention but forges lasting connections. Visit our services section to embark on a journey of marketing wins.

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