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B3 Marketing Announces Partnership with Home for Good

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February 26, 2024
In a world where stability and safety are not guaranteed for every child, B3 Marketing steps up to make a significant difference. We are proud to announce Home for Good as our Charity of the Year, embarking on a 12-month journey of activities and fundraisers to support their noble cause.

Home for Good - A Beacon of Hope

Home for Good, since its inception in 2014, has stood as a testament to compassion and commitment. Born out of a desperate need for more foster carers and adoptive parents in the UK, Home for Good's vision is both simple and profound: a home for every child who needs one. Their work extends beyond traditional boundaries, involving fostering, adoption, and providing supported lodgings for teenagers.

The Bleak Reality - Statistics and Why This Matters

Every 15 minutes in the UK, a child enters the care system. This year, approximately 38,580 children will find themselves in need of a stable and caring home. The need is particularly acute for children over the age of five, those with disabilities, and children from ethnic minority groups. Home for Good not only highlights these needs but actively works to address them.

The Role of B3 Marketing and Our Journey

B3 Marketing is not just supporting Home for Good financially; we are committing our hearts, hands and legs. Our 12-month calendar is packed with activities and fundraisers, including our running, rowing, and Euro 2024 challenge. This is a personal mission for us, with our team members deeply resonating with the cause.

How Home for Good Makes a Difference

In the last year alone, Home for Good journeyed with 1,195 households, leading to 707 enquiries and 184 referrals for adoption, fostering, and supported lodgings. Through 36 information sessions and six foundation courses per year, they educate and inspire potential foster and adoptive parents. Their engagement with over 1,500 churches across the UK helps to raise awareness and equip volunteers to support these initiatives.

A United Effort

Home for Good believes that the Church and local communities play a crucial role. By mobilising these groups, they ensure that every child experiences the stability, care, and belonging they deserve. Home for Good’s approach is not just about finding immediate homes but also about sparking systemic change to benefit care-experienced children and their families.

Let the Mission begin

Home for Good, supported by B3 Marketing, stands as a beacon of hope for children in the care system. Together, we aim to transform lives and provide the stability and safety every child deserves. We invite you to join us in this mission, to be a part of a movement that brings real and lasting change: B3 Marketing & Home for Good

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